Market Place Bot

You can run your bot with your Coinlegs Market Place signals

Traders can share their signals at market place on and you can automate your trade by using Market Place Bot. All market place signals have five different targets and three different stop loss levels. You can access the success rates of signals at market place page. According to the success rates, you can set parameters for your bot.

Black Fish signal are created by using Binance Spot prices. If you run the bot for Binance Futures, take care of the price difference between Spot and Futures exchanges. You can update "Diff" values for bot to run as expected

After you select exchange and your favorite coins(maximum 50 coins), you can set other parameters.

You can select different target levels to close your positions. In this example, 50% of position is closed when the price hits first target then remaining part of position is closed at second target. Targets are determined by signal creators but you can change the targets by setting Diff values. In this example we set Diff value as 0.3% for the first target so the bot will close the position when the price hits T+T*0.3/100 (this formula is for long position, it'll be T-T*0.3/100 for short signals)

Diff option should only be used when we want to change targets/stop loss determined by signal creator. If you want to use original targets/stop loss sent by signal creator, leave Diff values 0

Trailing Take Profit

If you activate "Trailing Take Profit" option and enter 5% as a difference, the bot will not close the position when the price hits last target, instead it will follow the price as long as the difference between the highest price and the last price is more than 5%. As the price rises, it will set the target point 5% below the highest price. But if the price drops, the target point will not be changed. If the price goes down after rising and reaches the target point we set last, it will close the last remaining position.

Stop Loss - Timeout

Market place signals have three different stop loss levels. You can select one of them to close your position. You can also set diff values for stop loss levels as you did it while determining targets

If you select stop loss timeout option, the bot waits for 60 seconds when the price hits stop loss level. After 60 seconds, if the price is still below the stop loss price, position is closed but if the price rises above this level again, counter is reset. This feature prevents you from making losses when prices suddenly go up and down.

Move to breakeven

You have to determine at least two target points to use this feature. If the last price hits your last target, stop loss price is updated as an entry price.

Targets & Stop Loss Adjustment

Signal creator can create the signal for Binance Spot or Binance Futures on Coinlegs. We know that the price of some symbols can be different on Spot and Futures Markets. If you create a Market Place Bot on Binance Futures but the signal is created for Spot exchange, original targets and stop loss levels determined by signal creator may be meaningless. We added new parameter to Market Place Bot to solve this issue. If you check "Adjust targets and stop loss according to the open price" checkbox, targets and stop loss levels are adjusted by using last price of selected coin. Last price is fetched when bot started

In case too many signals are generated, you can limit active positions. For example if you enter 10 as "Max Open Pos", the bot will only activate 10 signals at the same time. If you limit is reached, next coming signals are ignored. If any opened position is closed, the bot will continue to process the new signal

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