Smart Alert Bot

Choose your favorite alerts for opening and closing positions then run your bot continuously

You can select two types of alerts for opening and closing positions.

You need to select two different alerts, one of them is for opening position, other one is for closing position. You can also select more than one alert to open/close positions.

When one of the selected alerts is triggered, the position is opened for the coin then your position is closed when one of the close alerts is triggered. While the bot is running, you can see your ROI, and you can manually stop the bot and close the positions whenever you want

The bot created with these parameters above opens long position(leverage 4x) when Coinlegs detects Super Trend buy signal or Bollinger upper band breakout for the selected coins then it closes the position when Coinlegs detects Super Trend sell signal

The bot runs continuously until you stop your bot

Stop Loss / Repeat Trade

You can set stop loss by giving percentage(it estimates stop loss price by using entry price and stop loss percentage) and stop loss timeout for your bot.

When the price hits stop loss, your position is closed but if you select "Repeat Trade after stop loss", bot opens position if the price comes to entry price again in N minutes

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